Health Foundations of Central Newfoundland Cookbook Fundraiser

The Central Northeast Health Foundation and the South and Central Health Foundation have partnered with Aramark Canada to publish a recipe book capturing treasured family recipes passed down through generations

The cookbook, titled From the Heart of Central: Family Favorite Recipes, is a fundraising initiative with proceeds going to fund medical equipment and services at healthcare facilities throughout Central Newfoundland . 

For our Cookbook Fundraiser to be a hit we need your help!

Submit your recipe for the chance to win two FREE cookbooks and a $200 pre-paid Visa.

Submit your recipe online at

Step 1: Fill in My Account details (top right corner of page)
Step 2: Enter Username: CentralHealthFoundation
Step 3: Enter Password: Cookbook23!
Step 4: And click “Log In”.

Or, download the paper copy/fillable form of our recipe form and email to

DEADLINE to submit your recipe is Wednesday, April 5, 2023.