Cuddle Cot


Jennifer Waterman is a prime example of "Why We Give".  Jennifer is a Unit Clerk in the Day Surgery Unit at James Paton Memorial Regional Health Centre.  Jennifer and her husband Jonathan gave birth to their son Xander who was stillborn at 27 weeks into her pregnancy.  Jennifer soon realized how precious time really is especialy when you have very little of it.  She knows first hand the importance of having the time to hold, share, dress and make footprints of their child and she understood the heartache that others must feel when going through similiar situations. 

This past year Jennifer embarked on a fundraising effort to help purchase a Cuddle Cot for OBS services in our region.  A Cuddle Cot is essentially a cooling bassinette for stillborn babies that slows down the natural deterioration process. Jennifer wanted to help families that have to go through similar situations.   "Xander was a beautiful baby boy who was born silently into this world.  It was one of the most painful experiences that i hope you never have to endure.  However, I am grateful for the gift that hsi is to me and the time we spent together.  To be able to give to families the gift of time and closure is prieceless.  Take it from me, in these situtations time is precious."  

Jennifer presented this Cuddle Cot in June 2020 to the OBS Unit steff and would like to thank everyone who supported this initiative in any way.   You can view Jennifer's story HERE


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